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FatFreeCart Wordpress Plugin

Fat Free Cart plugin is an extension of FatfreeCart. With FatFreeCart Plugin you do not have to generate or paste any code in CSS or HTML of WordPress theme. The plugin is designed to work within your WordPress post editor. 

FatFreeCart Plugin allows you to add "Add to Cart" and "View Cart" buttons on your blog posts so that you can sell your products straight through your blog post. FatFreeCart plugin has all the features of FatFreeCart such as flawless integration with Paypal and Google Checkout, product variations, Shipping handling, and Sales Tax.

Download Plugin zip file

Option 1 - Manual Install

Download plugin zip file from the above URL and unzip contents in wordpress wp-content/plugins folder.

Option 2 - Word Press Plugins Add New Plugin Submenu

Download plugin zip file and store it in a local folder. Select the zip file within the plugin within the "Add New option" in the wordpress plugins section.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is FatFreeCart Plugin?

FatFreeCart plugin can help you sell any tangible products through your blog post. The plugin will set-up "Add to Cart" and "View Cart" buttons for your product, according to your specifications.

2. What happens after blog author install the plugin?

Plugin enables two panels - Administration panel and Product specific panel within add/edit post page.

Administration Panel - FatFreeCart Settings Page

This panel is used to configure your global cart settings. This includes administrative settings like google merchant Id, paypal email, contact email, address, site address, thank you page URL, etc.

Admin Panel Screenshot

FatFreeCart Product  Panel - Edit Post Page

For each Post the plugin enables a product configuration panel where you can configure your product name and product options.

Edit Post Page - FatFreeCart Product Add Panel Screenshot

Sample Cart as it would appear in the blog post Screenshot

3. Can you Style how the cart option dropdowns and buttons appear on your?

Yes . In plugin admin screen you can configure the CSS  as well as style  the buttons and option dropdowns.

Please be careful in maintining the CSS class names, else the blog page including the plugin cart will not appear properly. If these settings are deleted then content of this field (the styling options) would revert back to the default plugin styling elements

4. Is there any support available for FatFreeCart WordPress Plugin?

Currently there is no support available. However, a support forum is going to be available soon so please check fatfreecart.com periodically.

5. What is FatFreeCart Widget that is installed with the plugin?

FatFreeCart Widget is a "View Cart" button that shows your blog readers/buyers the products they have added while browsing blog posts in the sidebar for easier access.

This widget can be enabled in wordpress widgets administration section.

The View Cart Widget appears in the global sidebar